Monday, August 20, 2007

xBrainiax - Lightspeed & The Empire Blasts Back demos

Michigan's XBRAINIAX have created a brilliant, angry, and somewhat nerdy fast hardcore/violence sound, akin to if NEOS or LARM sat down and listened to classic powerviolence and threw in more metallic guitars


XBRAINIAX kick down a second round of their brand of A.D.D fastcore assault, with crazy time changes, rapid-fire vocals, and songs that clock in around 30 seconds.

Another one of my favorite power violence bands

Two 10 song Star Wars themed cassette demos by xBrainiax that maybe clock in about 5-6 minutes combined. One has a No Comment cover and the other has an Infest cover.

Download them.

They have a ton of releases in print but these are gone. email chaosnonmusica(at) for info.

or check out

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