Monday, August 20, 2007

Tumor Feast - Clowed & Suicide demos

I had a zine for a while with a great description of these guys but I can't find it now.

Tumor Feast is my favorite local band and have been for a while. Cincinnati power violence/grindcore. They've been around for a while but pretty much produce nothing. They play a couple shows a year that are ridiculous, most of the time they talk and bullshit around because they only have like 7 minutes of material.

The sound is complete Crossed Out worship. The recordings are great for being demos. The riffs are simple but cool and the drummer is retarded fast and plays hard as hell.

2 demos, the Clowned cassette and the Suicide CDr. Clowned is 16 songs in about 3 minutes, Suicide is 4 in about 2 minutes. Its a small file check it out.

Downlaod it.

These demos are all gone as far as I know, but they appear on the 625 Thrash comp Trapped in the Scene and have been saying for about 2 years they have a 7" coming out on 625 as well.

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