Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Brownstars - Four Song Demo (Earth Crisis)

Here is the story. Sometime in the mid-90's the then member's of Earth Crisis decided to start recording a raunchy joke band called The Brownstars. All the songs were about shit, farts, vagina's and just being assholes. The line-up consisted of Kris Weichmann (Earth Crisis, Soulstice), Zebb Weichmann (Kris's brother), Ian Edwards (Earth Crisis), Kris Fuller (Soulstice), and possibly Eric Edwards (Earth Crisis, Cross Section) but I'm not 100% positive on how far his participation went (memory is shot these days)

It started by just them crashing shows locally in Syracuse and causing trouble. One show in particular, they pretty much destroyed most of the equipment and stage, Pete Speilmann then got on stage completely naked with a giant brown star painted on his ass and shot some sort of roman candle/ sparkler out of his asshole.

After about 3 shows, they were completely blacklisted across town. So they decided to start booking themselves under the fake name, Beerfest. With a name like that, they would get onto shitty local blues cover band bills and bad battle of the bands events. They would wear disguises so noone would know who they were until they would hit the stage, and declare that they in fact were the Brownstars. After that, fights would break out, cops would be called and alot of shit would get destroyed. Before ending the joke, they decided to quickly record a 4 song demo.

After the demo was recorded, only about 5-6 copies had been floating around, but the non participating members of Earth Crisis DID NOT want this demo to get out, it would ruin their repuation of being a serious , ultra militant group and show the world that they had a sense of humor. The dmeo was quickly swept under the rug not to be mentioned outside of close friends after that. This demo in fact was the skeleton in the Earth Crisis closet.

After rummaging through some old boxes in storage over the holidays, I unearthed a copy of this demo tape and decided to have it converted to MP3 for all to enjoy. I'm sure enough time is passed that anyone involved would not care and could actually laugh at this shit. Don't expect anything talented or good, just totally retarded fun and complete trash, you'll get a good laugh out of it and hell, consider it archival material.


Former Earth Crisis member:
Yeah this happened after Earth Crisis flipped their van and Dennis was hospitalized. It's also when they recorded the first Path album, because EC was on hiatus for at least 6 months.

They played a coffee house once on open mic night, except it was acoustic. Zabb was going up to people at their tables and yelling, "You're face smells like a fart face!" So they got kicked out of a coffee house as well as every other venue you can imagine in Syracuse.

Back then, they wanted to keep it under the lid that anyone in EC was in the band, but I honestly don't think anyone gives a shit now. The most remarkabnle thing is that these songs were written on the fly. Like all their songs were written in a few weeks. The music on this demo is better than most serious music that was coming out the moshcore scene of the mid-90s, IMHO.

1. Fart Face
2. Stinky Pussy
3. Red Alert
4. Rob

Download it.


The Poopler said...

learn your facts fuckhead...
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nairb said...

not my facts poopler, everything i posted was cut and pasted from a former earth crisis member and a supposed friend of the band. i make no claims on any of its validity, just it's hilarity.