Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sonny Sharrock - Guitar

This was recorded in February of 1986 , only days after returning from The first Last Exit tour, Sonny went into RPM Studio in NY and cut the tracks for this, his much-acclaimed return to recording. A solo guitar album, it employs overdubbing, but true to the spirit of the people involved, its various parts are largely improvised, and most were recorded on the first take. Nicky Skopelitis should get special credit for helping Sonny get those beatiful guitar tones.


Sonny Sharrock's "Guitar" reintroduced the guitarist to the world as a solo performer. An album of overdubbed guitar performances, the tracks on the album consist of Sharrock overdubbing guitar lines (usually a rhythm and a lead part, but sometimes as many as four lines) to build songs, covering a variety of sounds and and genres, from funky blues ("Blind Willie") to aggressive psychedelic rock ("Kula-Mae") to something totally unique in the extended suite, "Princess Sonata".

Sharrock's playing is sublime-- he was a guitarist of seemingly endless inventiveness and technique-- drawing from masters of a number of genres, but synthesizing something wholly unique out of them, his playing is at times aggressive and forceful and at times delicate and beautiful.

Out of print for a long time, enjoy.

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