Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nunwhore Commando 666 - Home Sweet Home

Nunwhore Commando 666 is a trio cyber gore grind band which some member comes from Libido Airbag. So you can compare the same style between both band but NWC I think is more brighter than Libido Airbag. This is the recent album that contains with 17 songs in around 50 minutes. The content of NWC concerns with war-making,crime,terrorism and also sexual matter. About the music,if you ever listen to cyber gore music, NWC gives you the same feeling.
It is fast and aggressive,no more technics. It uses electronic equipment in such extreme way. Great!! The vocal I guess using vocal effect is many styles of inhuman voice; growling, screaming and vomiting.
I like this album. I think it is interesting. No more reason why I like it except you are already taste it. For you who want to join the world of cyber gore, I recommend this one.

That review is horrible but I can't find another one, I hope that English isn't his first language. I don't know why I like this album so much, its slow paced electronic grindcore that is overpacked with samples, dozens in each song. Features members of Gut. The vocals are over the top, tons of distortion but turned down so they fade into the music. Unlike most grind albums its not abrasive, the songs are long and its sort of slow and rhythmic with nice grooves giving it an industrial feel. Give it a listen.

Buy it cheap.
Download it.

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